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The User Guidelinesclick to download the PLAMES user guidelines provide detailed information on how to enter data using different data entry forms; how to generate reports, tables and graphs; and how to export data for further processing and for use in reports.

The Administrator Guidelinesclick to download the PLAMES administrator guidelines are meant for the system administrator, which is often the M&E Officer. These guidelines explain how to install and manage PlaMES, as well as how to bring in project-specific definitions and characteristics.

A fully functional version of PlaMES, with sample data for an imaginary project called the Smallholder Agricultural Marketing Project for Local Entrepreneurs (SAMPLE) has been prepared. This is available to test or demonstrate the features of the system. PlaMES for the SAMPLE project can be installed by downloading the database installerClick to download the installer 'PLAMES406s.exe' - it is advisable to also read the Setup Notes.


Useful documents about M&E and the Core Indicator framework, which has improved links between project-level M&E and IFAD's strategic framework, can be found on IFAD's website. The paper Taking IFAD's Results and Impact Management System (RIMS) to the Next LevelDocument: EB 2017/120/R.7/Rev.1 - click to view or download describes the revised framework with new Core Indicators at output and outcome level.

RIMS documents, including the First- and Second-Level Results Handbook and the handbooks describing how to conduct RIMS impact surveys, are no longer in use. Reporting on IFAD's Core Indicators has been required since 2019.

The East and Southern Africa Division prepared guidelinesGuidelines for Preparation of Annual Work Plans & Budgets and Progress Reports, IFAD ESA - click to open for work plans and progress reports back in 2005.

The OPR division in IFAD has prepared three online training modules related to new COI survey guidelines, which can be accessed heretraining modules - click to access.

While AOS is no longer the recommended approach by IFAD for collecting data on outcome-level results, it is a low-cost, flexible methodology that can still be used to complement the more formal COI surveys. The AOS guide for practitionersDesigning and Implementing Annual Outcome Surveys - click to access provides details on how to prepare and implement Annual Outcome Surveys.

In the final year, every IFAD project must conduct a Project Completion Review and prepare a Project Completion Report (PCR). This is a critical time for final assessment of project results and analysis of performance. It is also a time when having had good M&E throughout the years will pay off, by providing the facts and figures needed for a good PCR. The PCR guidelinesThe most recent Guidelines for Project Completion Review (draft to be finalized) are available on request - they replace the Guidelines for Project Completion of 2006. discuss the project completion review process and the contents of the PCR.


  • IntroductionA one-page introduction, providing basic information on PlaMES (in English)
  • User GuidelinesDetailed description for users and operators on how to use PlaMES (English) - click to download
  • Administrator GuidelinesDetails for administrators on how best to manage PlaMES (English) - click to download
  • PlaMES installerClick to download the installer 'PLAMES406s.exe' to install PlaMES with SAMPLE data for 'test driving' - it is advisable to also read the Setup Notes
  • Setup notesNotes on how to install PlaMES


Other Resources

  • Planning and Monitoring CalendarExample of a one-year calendar with typical planning and monitoring tasks - click to open
  • PM&E CalendarA calendar with major PM&E activities that would typically take place during the life of a project - click to open

Project-specific Resources

  • VCDP NigeriaSpecific resources for the Value Chain Development Programme - access only for VCDP staff
  • PROMAFI ParaguaySpecific resources for the Proyecto Mejoramiento de la Agricultura Familiar Campesina e Indígena - access only for PROMAFI
  • MIVARF TanzaniaSpecific resources for the Marketing Infrastructure, Value Addition and Rural Finance Support Programme - access only for MIVARF
  • PRELNOR UgandaSpecific resources for the Project for the Restoration of Livelihoods in the Northern Region - access only for PRELNOR
  • RUFEP ZambiaSpecific resources for the Rural Finance Expansion Programme - access only for RUFEP
  • CASP NigeriaSpecific resources for the Climate Change Adaptation and Agribusiness Support Programme - access only for CASP
  • S3P ZambiaSpecific resources for the Smallholder Productivity Promotion Programme - access only for S3P
  • E-SLIP ZambiaSpecific resources for the Enhanced Smallholder Livestock Investment Programme - access only for E-SLIP
  • WAMPP LesothoSpecific resources for the Wool and Mohair Promotion Project - access only for WAMPP
  • LMRP SudanSpecific resources for the Livestock Marketing and Resilience Programme - access only for LMRP